BASE jumping is a highly dangerous sport that can severely injure and kill participants. Read the BASE fatality list and think long and hard before making a BASE jump. It may kill you. People behind BASEaddict do not recommend BASE jumping to anybody!

Nobody, not even the authors of this website, can guarantee the correctness of the information on this website. Not all jumpers necessarily agree with all content on this website. Some topics mention where opinions differ, but a one-side presentation on a subject does not mean it is not controversial in the BASE community nor that there is not a better way to do things.

The authors of BASEaddict accept no responsibility, financially or otherwise for any loss, serious injury or death that occurs as a result of any persons following the advice contained within website.

BASE jumping and wingsuit BASE jumping are extremely dangerous activities carrying risk of serious injury or death. Performing these activities without becoming an expert skydiver and completing dedicated BASE / wingsuit training will likely result in a demonstration of natural selection.

You, and YOU alone, are responsible for your actions and safety!

Always seek proper training and mentoring before attempting any sort of BASE jumping. Do not think the information on this website alone is enough to keep you alive. It is not. Read other resources and talk to many other experienced BASE jumpers.

BASEaddict discourages jumpers from breaking the law. Yet, BASEaddict recognizes that jumps of dubious legal nature will continue to be made. As such, it will provide information that can help jumpers make such jumps with the least amount of impact.

BASEaddict strongly objects against any jumps that involve breaking other people's property, hurt the environment or cause harm to other people. Wherever you jump, take only pictures, leave only footprints.

Browsing this website implies you take responsibility for your own actions. If you get injured, arrested or killed, do not complain.

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