BFL170 | 7.7.2011

Dave "Cable Dave" Karaffa

from Czech Republic

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  • Date & Time: 7.7.2011
  • Location: Via Ferrata, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
  • Category: BASE Fatality
  • Object Type: Earth
  • Cause Of Death: Impact subterminal (near exit)
  • Clothing - Suit: X birdExpert Wingsuit by Tony suits
  • Canopy: Unknown
  • Container: Unknown
  • Packing & Setup: Slider Up BOC Short Start
  • Weather: Winds light and variable
  • Possible Factors: Burble from other jumper, Clipped ledge after exiting, Gear failure

What do we believe happened?

Description: first hand account from Vick Fearless
We jumped a 2-way wingsuit from the Via Ferrata exit I was on the left side with
a v4 he was on the right with an X-bird I jumped first so I did not know what happened later on
witnesses told me that he had a good exit and after like 2 seconds he started to turn to the wall
and he impacted the ledge under the exit on full speed the canopy came out on impact it gave me some hope
because i did not see how it happened but when rescue reached him they told me he had no chance.

New information:

There seem to be a potential problem with asymmetric arm wing inflation on the early X-Birds versions. Many jumpers experienced unexpected turns just after exit. The size and location of the air inlet seem to be the major factor involved.

There is a video of such incident here

Cable Dave's last jump was looking similar in dynamics, it's highly suspected that his left wing experienced the same inflation issue. Given the distance he was from the first jumper, it's not yet possible to say if the turbulence of the first WS played a role or not in that inflation process, but it's very not likely to be the main factor.


Missing something?

Can you help us with incident interpretation? We are interested in any details regarding personal experience, gear, weather conditions and any other circumstances related to the incident.

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