BFL260 | 7.6.2015

Gabriel Hubert

from Canada

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  • Date & Time: 7.6.2015
  • Location: Chinamans Peak, Alberta, Canada
  • Category: BASE Fatality
  • Object Type: Earth
  • Cause Of Death: Impact in terminal freefall
  • Clothing - Suit: GhostIntermediate Wingsuit by Phoenix-Fly
  • Canopy: Black Jack7 Cell - Vented by Consolidated Rigging
  • Container: The Summit2 Pin by Apex BASE
  • Packing & Setup: Slider Up BOC Vertical
  • Weather: Sunny, Winds light and variable
  • Possible Factors: Loss of speed-glide

What do we believe happened?

Comments from jumper on exit with Him...

Gabe arrived late afternoon packed and met us after we had made 2 fights with the afternoon load being poor winds. He opted to camp with us for the evening and hike in the morning……. We spent the evening listening to stories from Gabe and his grand plans for the summer……he was excited about life, his kids, BASE, and his plans for the summer. We started hiking at 7 am and Gabe was STOKED about the jump. We geared up and neither of the other jumpers on the load checked his gear prior to exit (We did review on video and it looked good). The first Jumper exited and had a great flight, Gabe and I jumped next, he left first and I followed 1 second later. His exit looked good with him ending up a little head high. The following is opinion from video of my flight with Gabe and the other jumper watching the entire flight from the ground following his flight. After exit he really didn’t start flying his suit until 100ft over the trees at the end of the talus and the suit was not performing well, this was the start of a 30 sec flight maintaining this distance for the remainder of the flight, with not enough separation we assume he had a problem reaching his BOC.

Ramrod impacted the way he lived his life …………….FULL SPEED……..NOTHING OUT…………..
We were the first to reach Gabe and found his Pilot chute was still inside the BOC after impact………….Ramrod was a legend around here and was well known around the world ………anyone that knew him will feel this for a long long time.

Gabe was in a Ghost WS with an Apex Summit container and a Blackjack. It was his second BASE WS fight. (the first was from the same exit). The jump on a V5 yields a 55 sec flight with a 500ft deployment.
Gabe WAS “the fucking guy!!!” I miss him already


Missing something?

Can you help us with incident interpretation? We are interested in any details regarding personal experience, gear, weather conditions and any other circumstances related to the incident.

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