BFL322 | 5.7.2017

Siegfried Schenk

from Austria48 years

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  • Date & Time: 5.7.2017, 10:00
  • Location: Monte Civetta, Dolomites, Italy
  • Category: BASE Fatality
  • Object Type: Earth
  • Cause Of Death: Impact in terminal freefall
  • Clothing - Suit: Vampire AlpineExpert Wingsuit by Phoenix-Fly
  • Canopy: Unknown
  • Container: Unknown
  • Packing & Setup: Slider Up BOC Vertical
  • Weather: Sunny, Winds light and variable
  • Possible Factors: Proximity flying

What do we believe happened?

The Jumper did his second wingsuit jump from Mt. Civietta on this day
(05.07.17). The meteorological conditions were good with a light wind
from the left (south to north), same like at the jump before.
Several lines are possible to fly from the exit point to the landing
area. A direct flight path would be easy, others are more challenging
to the left sector.
As he was the last jumper out of a group of 9 wingsuiters, nobody was
able to witness his final jump. After he didn’t show up in the landing area, nor called, search and rescue was informed
Later he was found approximately 2km in front of the exit point on a
rather left flight path line. He must have striked a ridge with trees
in freefall/full flight and he come to rest in the gulch behind. It is
confirmed that there was no attempt to pull and he must have died
Despite the tragic, it might just have been a terrible error in judgment.
Thoughts for relevance:
He used a suit which he had only jumped 10-12 times (not that critical at this spot if you choose the right line). Also, he was wearing a selfie stick camera mount on his helmet
which may disturbed his vision and depth perception. Plus he did his
second flight that day from almost the same spot and might have been pushing it to fly further over the hill in front of him.
Sad but real, another good one is gone…


Missing something?

Can you help us with incident interpretation? We are interested in any details regarding personal experience, gear, weather conditions and any other circumstances related to the incident.

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